Gene Getz Jacob Chapter 1

Gene Getz Jacob Chapter 1

“It All Begins at Home” – Deacon Victor Cruz

“An Unforgettable Moment” – Deacon Danny Shannon

“Isaac’s Prayer” – Deacon Tom Mason

“A Lesson Well Learned” – Deacon Kenneth Truitt

“Praying in the Will of God” – Deacon Sonny Harris

“Rebekah’s Prayer” – Deacon J. D. Walker

“God’s Supernatural “Sonogram” – Coach LaVaar Scott

Fraternal “Womb-Mates” – Brother Marvin Knight

An “Earth-Colored” Baby – Brother Steve Harper

“Prophetic Symbolism” – Deacon Alvin Walters

“Natural or Supernatural? – Brother Ted Dorsey

“A Divine Mystery” – Brother David Shannon

“Fetal Tissue or a Living Soul” – Minister Daniel Paige

“The Natural Bent” – Deacon James Rhymes

An Old Testament “Evil Knievel” Deacon Danny Shannon

“A Mama’s Boy” – Deacon Victor Cruz

“A Lethal Mistake” – Deacon Alvin Brother

Becoming God’s Man Today – Deacon Ronald Tookes

Principle 1 – Elder Billy Shannon

Principal 2 – Elder Jerome Matthews

Principal 3 = Elder Norman Stone

Personalizing These Principles – Deacon Ronald Tookes

  1. A great Beginning does not guarantee a great ending. – – Brother Steve Harper
  2. Through God warns about the possibility of failure in our Christian lives. He also makes it clear that we need not make the same mistake as our spiritual forefathers. – Deacon Kenneth Truitt
  3. Consistently violating God’s will as parents can lead to devastating results in our children’s lives – and their children’s lives. – Tom Mason

Set a Goal – Deacon Ronald Tookes

Memorize the Following Scripture – Ephesians 6:12-13

Growing Together – Minister Daniel Paige

  1. What ministered the most to you in this particular study? – Deacon Alvin Walters
  2. Would you be willing to share with us what principle you feel you’re violating the most? Deacon Danny Shannon
  3. In what way can we encourage one another in applying these principles? – Deacon Ronald Tookes
  4. What particular thing can we pray about? If you feel comfortable, be specific enough so we can pray specifically.


End of Chapter Remarks – Rev. Dr. Robert Shannon