“The Great Deception” – Deacon Victor Cruz (pg 39)

Act 1 – The Fabrication of Deception – Genesis 27:1-29

Prologue – Deacon Ronald Tookes (pg 39)

Scene 1. Isaac’s “Blind Spot” – Danny Shannon (pg 40)

Was Isaac Angry? – Deacon Sonny Harris (pg 40)

Was Isaac Driven by His Passion for Good Food? – Deacon Tom Mason (pg 40)

Was Isaac a Victim of Senility? – Deacon J. D. Walker (pg 41)

Did Isaac Have a Hardened Heart? – Deacon Kenneth Truitt (pg 41)

Scene 2. Rebekah’s Scheme – Coach LaVaar Scott (pg 41)

“A Communication Breakdown” – Brother Steve Harper (pg 42)

The “Silent Treatment” – Deacon Alvin Walters (pg 43)

“Playing God” – Brother Ted Dorsey (pg 43)

Scene 3. The Great Deception – Brother David Shannon (pg 44)

“Deliberate Disobedience” – James Rhymes (pg 45)

Act II – The Reflection of Deception – Genesis 27:30-28:5

Prologue – Deacon Ronald Tookes (pg 45)

Scene 1 – A World Turned Up Side Down – Brother Jamell Coleman (pg 46)

Scene 2 – Taking Revenge – Deacon Alvin Walters (pg 47)

“The Consequence of Sin” –  Brother Roan linquist (pg 48)

Scene 3 – Another Deceptive Plot – Brother Steve Harper (pg 48)

“From Frying Pan into the Fire” – Deacon Victor Cruz (pg 49)

“Back in Touch with Reality” – Deacon Sonny Harris (pg 49)

Becoming God’s Man Today – Minister Daniel Paige (pg 

Principle 1 – As the years go by, we must be on guard that we do not forget God’s good gifts to us, as well as the good things others do for us. – Elder Billy Shannon (pg 50)                    

There is a Time to “Look Back” – Coach Princeton Harris (pg 50)

“Think How Paul Must Have Felt” – Coach LaVaar Scott (pg 51)

Principle 2 – We must daily remind ourselves to consult God in Prayer regarding the decisions we make in life. – Elder Norman Stone (pg 51)

Principle 3 – We must guard our marriages, never allowing communication to break down or barriers to emerge that drive us further and further apart. – Elder Jerome Matthews (pg 52)

“An Experience Close to Home” – Elder Jerome Matthews (pg 52)

“Overcoming Temptation” – Deacon Tom Mason (pg 52)

Principle 4 – Once a Christian steps out of the will of God, particularly in terms of being deceptive, it is easy to take the next step to cover his or her sins. – Deacon Danny Shannon  (pg 53)

Principle 5 – God is gracious and long suffering and allows us time to repent and make corrections before he disciplines us. – Deacon Ronald Tookes (pg 53)

Principle 6 – No matter what our failures, God can take the results of our sins and even work those results together for good. – Elder Daniel Paige (pg 54)

Personalizing These Principles – Elder Daniel Paige (pg 54)

1. When was the last time I took time to say thank you to someone who, perhaps years ago, opened a door of opportunity? – Deacon Ronald Tookes (pg 55)

2. How often do I seek Gods help in carrying out my daily responsibilities? – Deacon Kenneth Truitt (pg 55)

3. How effective am I in keeping open lines of communication with my mate, my children, my business associates, and others. Deacon Princeton Harris (pg 55)

4. Have I made any decisions lately that are deliberately contrary to the will of God? Deacon J. D. Walter (pg 55)

5. Do I tend to take advantage of Gods grace and forgiveness. Brother Ted Dorsey (pg 55)

6. Am I able to accept Gods forgiveness for sins I’ve committed, or am I trying to atone for my sins? Deacon Alvin Walters (pg 55)

Set a Goal – Minister Daniel Paige (pg 55)

·         Write out a particular goal to help you be a more faithful Christian.

Growing Together – Minister Daniel Paige (pg 55)

1.      Brother Ted Dorsey (pg 55)

2.      Brother Steve Harper (pg 55)

3.      Deacon Ronald Tookes (pg 55)

4.      Elder Daniel Paige (pg 55)

End of Chapter Remarks – Rev. Dr. Robert Shannon