“A Tricky Plot” – Deacon Victor Cruz

“Esau’s Sensual Lifestyle” – Deacon Danny Shannon

“A Man of the Word” – Deacon Tom Mason

“A Lesson Well Learned” – Deacon Kenneth Truitt

“The Seed Snatched Away” – Deacon Sonny Harris

“Out of Sight, Out of Mind” – Deacon J. D. Walker

“Eli’s Wicked Sons” – Coach LaVaar Scott

“A Sneaky Proposition” – Brother Marvin Knight

“A Vulnerable Moment”- Brother Steve Harper

“An Irrational Reaction” – Deacon Alvin Walters

“Let’s Make It Official” – Brother Ted Dorsey

“The Deal Is Done” – Brother David Shannon

“Not Beyond Hope” – James Rhymes

Becoming God’s Man Today – Deacon Ronald Tookes

Principle 1 – Elder Billy Shannon

Principle 2 – Elder Jerome Matthews

Principle 3 – Elder Norman Stone

Personalizing These Principles – Deacon Ronald Tookes

1. In what ways do I allow my old fleshly nature to influence what I do in my relationships with others? – Brother Steve Harper

2. When was the last time I took advantage of another persons weaknesses – my wife, my children, my business associates, others. – Deacon Sonny Harris

3. In what ways have I suffered the consequences for taking advantage of other people?  If I have not at this point, what may happen? – Deacon Ronald Tookes

Set a Goal – Deacon Ronald Tookes

Memorize the Following Scripture – Psalm 51:10

Growing Together – Deacon Ronald Tookes

1. Why is this study so relevant to men in business? – Deacon Alvin Walters

2. Would you feel free to share an experience in the workplace where you’ve been tempted to violate God’s will? – Deacon Danny Shannon

3. How do you keep your motives pure – especially if you are in the area of sales? Coach LaVaar Scott

4.  Would you be willing to share your temptations to violate God’s will in your family relationships?

Deacon Ronald Tookes

5. How has God helped you avoid manipulating people and taking advantage of their weaknesses? Brother Ted Dorsey

End of Chapter Remarks – Rev. Dr. Robert Shannon