In, 2004, the Lord whispered to Gwendolyn and Robert Shannon to establish an independent ministry. Our desire was to affect the community and adjacent cities surrounding us. We discussed these plans with Reverend Allen Lewis. The Lord instructed us saying, “The mission and vision of this ministry would be holistic by equipping the community, partners, and members with God’s word. This word will serve as the catalyst to address the spiritual, psychological, sociological, emotional and physical needs of “His People”.
”In 2005, Sister Gilda Robinson and Reverend Tina Knight started the process of securing the appropriate documentation mandated by the state of Florida and the Federal Government. During this tedious and sometimes arduous process, we were encouraged by God’s Word. Sister Robinson encouraged us with these verses, Romans 8:28 and 31. It states, “We are assured and know that [God being a partner in there labor] all things work together and are fitting into a plan for good to and for those who love God and are called according to [his] purpose. What then shall we say to [all] this? If God is for us, who [can be] against us? [Who can be our foe, if God is on our side?] (Amplified Bible)
In 2006 we received our “Governmental Credentials” entitling us to operate as an independent church {W.O.F.C.W.C},with all rights in accordance with the State and Federal statutes. We were in labor for(3) years as God positioned us through his word for natural and spiritual birth without complications. The mandated proclamations absorbed in those three years,provided a perception that focused totally and completely on his purpose and his future.
In June and July of 2009, we conducted deliverance services at the Quality Inn Hotel in Sebring, Florida. The gifts of God were in full operation during all these services. I continued to serve as Pastor of Greater Bethel A.M.E. Church, Lake Placid, Florida fulfilling they early pastoral assignment; however, the call of God to manifest what had already been established in Minister Gwen Shannon and I was too great to continue in that capacity. The Lord confirmed this decision through our beautiful daughters, Tramika T. Rivers (TT), Sharnesea A. Lindquist (GG), and Theodosia S. Shannon and their families, who stated, “Do not urge us to leave you or to return from following you. For where you go, we will go, and where you preach, we will preach, your ministry shall be our ministry and your God will be our God.” Ruth 1:16 [emphasis added and context altered]
In September of 2009, Reverend Allen Lewis and I met with several men at Deacon Norman Stone’s home and there the foundation was established for Wings of Faith Christian Worship Center to move forward from impregnation to delivery of God’s mandated purpose.
Wings of Faith Christian Worship Center held its first worship service in Sebring, Florida at the Quality Inn Hotel on October 11, 2009. Minister Gwendolyn Shannon and I were overjoyed at the tremendous turnout, especially those members who heard the voice of God speaking into their hearts saying, “We have not many Fathers,” and continued to entrust us with their spiritual development at Wings of Faith.
The spirit of the Lord was present in our services and it reflected in the changed lives of all of us who dared to trust him in spite of our circumstances. We experienced the start of a multi-cultural church as God sent different ethnic groups and individuals from different denominations, who wanted to experience God in an environment where freedom is allowed, yet structure is visible”.

In 2010, the ministry relocated to the Senior Citizen Center (Bingo Hall) on the Sebring Parkway. This was a challenging time for the ministry due to the sale of the Quality Inn Hotel and the recent establishment of a new ministry. The Lord continued to show himself mighty as we increased membership, while continuing to search for property to have a place where we could worship God whenever we wanted to, without a time limit. God sent us an Angel, in the name of Laura Higgins, a realtor who worked tirelessly with us for eight months looking for the right property for our vision.
In June of 2011, while attending a youth football game, a young man addressed me stating: “I was the subject of a conversation between him and his fiancé”. He stated “I will be right back.” He took off running towards the entrance of the complex, which was roughly 250 yards away. When he returned, he provided me with a property listing of a church that was up for sale. The churches address was 4348 Schumacher Rd. in Sebring, Florida. I contacted Minister Gwendolyn Shannon so we could go view this property.

Upon entering the driveway of 4348 Schumacher Rd., Minister Shannon stated to me, “This is our Church.” She proceeded to jump out of the vehicle and begin walking the property, praying and thanking the Lord in advance for the land. During this time Deacon Ronald Tookes and his wife, Sister Wanda Tookes arrived and joined in walking the property praising and thanking the Lord for the Church.
Mrs. Laura Higgins proceeded to negotiate with God’s direction and we signed the contract on October 28, 2011.
On Sunday, November 27, 2011, we held our first service at Wings of Faith Christian Worship Center at 4348 Schumacher Rd. The Lord has richly blessed us with divine favor, which has defied all obstacles, delivering a decisive blow to the enemy, demonstrating to him, “Our destiny cannot be denied.”
“We are moving from the year of expectation to the year of God’s established order, so God can over take us.”
The Ponderance of Evident is producing a praise, which promotes a spirit of Joy as we witness the picture of our destiny unfolding.
On behalf of Minister Shannon and myself, we would like to express our deepest thanks, to the Ministerial Staff, Deacons,Presidents of all Auxiliaries, Members, and Partners for being a part of this Spiritual Journey.
“A Church with a New Beginning, Where Love Has No Ending’

Pastor Robert& Gwen Shannon