Sunday’s lesson should begin with the following;


“As Iron Sharpens Iron”

Brother David Shannon (pg. 146)


“Paul’s Second Journey”

Brother Willie Knight (pg. 147)


“Back Home Again”

“Face-to-Face Communication”

Elder Jerome Matthews (pg. 147-148)


“A New Team”

“Another Partner”

Elder Billie Shannon (pg. 149)


“A Second Chance”

Deacon Tom Mason (pg. 150)


“Unique Changes”

“All Things to All Men

Elder Norman Stone (pg. 150-151)


“The Barnabas Influence”

Deacon Sonny Harris (pg. 153)


Becoming God’s Man Today

“Principles to Live By”

Deacon Ron Tookes (pg. 154)


Principle No. 1

Deacon Victor Cruz (pg. 154)


Principle No. 2

Brother Roan Linquist (pg. 156)


Principle No. 3

Deacon Danny Shannon (pg. 157)


Personalizing These Principles 

Deacon Ron Tookes (pg. 158)


No. 1

Deacon Kenneth Truitt (pg. 158)


No. 2

Deacon James Rhymes (pg. 158)


No. 3

Deacon Princeton Harris (pg. 159)


Set A Goal

Deacon Ron Tookes (pg. 159)


Growing Together


No. 1

Deacon Alvin Walters (pg. 160)


No. 2 

Deacon J. D. Walker (pg. 160)


No. 3

Elder Norman Stone (pg. 160)


No. 4

Deacon Ron Tookes (pg. 160)


No. 5

Minister Daniel Paige (pg. 160)


Closing Remarks 

Pastor Robert Shannon