“A Church with a New Beginning, where Love has no Ending”


Wings of Faith Christian Worship Center is a dynamic, spirit-filled, evangelical, multicultural church, called to impact our city, our nation, and the world through leadership, development, and restoration of broken individuals. We will win others to Christ by sharing the gospel meeting the needs of individuals from a holistic perspective with twenty-four hour availability for prayer and intervention services, counseling, outreach, live streaming, technology, audio-visual, and print media.


Wings of Faith Christian Worship Center is called to proclaim the Gospel of Christ and the beliefs of the Christian faith, maintain the worship of God, inspire in all a love for Christ and the Family of God, encourage others to have a passion for righteousness, and a consciousness of our duties to God and our fellow human beings. We pledge to receive, rescue, revive, restore, and rebuild every individual seeking a “new beginning” by witnessing and ministering to their needs. Our mission involves creating a church that is a mending house for the broken by receiving individuals as they are, rescuing them from the pits of degradation, reviving individuals through the message of repentance, grace, and the forgiveness of God by restoring them to wholeness that they may fulfill their God ordained purpose, and by rebuilding individuals through the renewing of their minds with the word and will of God. In our endeavor to accomplish our mission, we will continuously strive towards being a family of believers where individuals can find healing, growth, and deliverance.


We believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. We believe God the Son was conceived by the Virgin Mary, suffered as a human, was crucified by mankind, was buried, and resurrected on the third day. We believe God the Son now resides with God the Father making intercessions for mankind. We believe God the Holy Spirit indwells all children of God, we believe in the forgiveness of our sins through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, the resurrection of the body, Communion of the Saints and life forever.